Emergency Scuba Diving Hand Signals You Should Know

Emergency Scuba Diving Hand Signals You Should Know

Under the sea is not an environment that humans are supposed to survive in. That’s why, when you’re scuba diving in Monterey, California, it will help to know crucial scuba diving hand signals for emergencies.

Here are some of the basic emergency hand signals that you must keep in mind:

  • Choking
    To signal your partner or your instructor providing open water certification training that you’re choking, cross your hands and place them under your neck. Don’t forget to shake them too.
  • Cramp
    You’ll be taught how to signal your partner if your muscles are cramping during the PADI scuba Certification training. You’ll be using your hands to make a squeezing motion. If you can reach the muscle that’s cramping (i.e., your ankle), it will help if you point to it too.
  • Leak
    Leaking can be fatal for a diver. If you notice a leak in your gear or your buddy’s gear and want to make the hand signal, what you need to do is curl your three fingers in a fist while leaving your pointer finger and thumb extended. Create an open-close motion with only these two fingers.

Dive to Survive Scuba will teach you safe techniques to dive underwater through our scuba training in California. Do you have questions about our training? Kindly give us a call today.

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