Tips to Mentally Prepare for A Dive

Being surrounded by an alien-like environment can be scary for some people, but is a normal part of scuba diving in Monterey, California. Besides your equipment, skills, and knowledge taught to you by your instructors here at Dive To Survive …...

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Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

We all have that one friend who is gong-ho about scuba diving, and sometimes they can be pushy when asking you to join in. Lucky for you, we also offer dive training. So don’t worry about not knowing what to … Read More ›


Top Three Scuba Diving Rules

Scuba training in California is becoming more and more common because of its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. Even as a beginner at swimming, you can learn how to dive with these three simple rules that you have to remember … Read More ›


Underwater Adventure

Scuba diving in Monterey, California is not just a simple underwater activity. It is more than that. Scuba diving is considered as a form of adventure and relaxation because you get to explore the marine world and enjoy the beauty … Read More ›


Scuba Diving for Non-swimmers

You might be wondering if you can enroll in scuba training in California even if you do not know how to swim. Not being able to swim in a huge body of water doing scuba diving which requires you to … Read More ›


Learning How to Dive

Are you ever interested in the deep blue sea and want to find amazing discoveries beneath it? Do you want to experience the beauty of what you can find under the bottom of the ocean? All of these are possible … Read More ›