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SCUBA Training Course in California

dive-imgDear Diver,

This destination is unique to say the least, I do so hope that you will join us. You are all invited to attend what will surely be an amazing underwater adventure to what I consider to be an amazing scuba diving destination. For those of us that have dove the many Caribbean destinations as well as domestic with us, I offer you the opportunity to experience an ocean filled with new and vibrant life, I know you will be impressed with Puerto Galera Philippines.

Atlantis Puerto Galera
Arrival date is April 4 2022
Departure date is April 14 2022
Length of stay is 10 nights

When: April 4-14, 2022 (that’s ten nights eleven days)
What: A new experience for us all (as it should always be)
Where: www.atlantishotel.com Puerto Galera Philippines
Why: So we can dive a full life

Dive to Survive Philippines April 2022


Package includes:

  • 11 days – 10 nights Deluxe Room
  • Unlimited Daily Boat Dives Day/Night up to 5 per day
  • One Verde Island Day Trip
  • Free Nitrox
  • Free WiFi
  • Standard Drinks Included
  • Meals Included

These are prices for the DEMA Special
Includes 2 free nights
Dive to Survive Special
May/June, 2021
Deluxe Room (Double Occupancy) $2,593.00 pp
Deluxe Room (Single Occupancy) $3,073.00 pp
Deluxe Room Non Diver (Double Occupancy) $1,623.00 pp
Plus Equipment Rentals TBD
Plus Transfers Van and Outrigger $95.00
Tourist Tax $2.00

There are many ways to get to this island, I’ve done all kinds of different methods that manage to save a buck or more, in the end I prefer a nice comfortable on off flight and this seems to do the trick. But please feel free to find you own way there, however I always appreciate the company while traveling.

I am now taking deposits to hold your spots on the trip. If you are taking the flight with me then please deposit $1000.00.You may mail your deposit to the address listed below. I will handle the rest of your trip and details as the dates draw near.

If you would like to have the double occupancy rates but don’t have a buddy, I’ll have people for you to room up with. Just get yourself deposited and I’ll take care of the rest.

Dive Training: All courses and certifications from me and my dive angles are always just $100.00 per certification plus $25.00 for the PADI processing fee. You must let me know right away what you would like training in so we can start preparing now. Everything can be done on the island while we’re there, however it’s a great advantage to you if you’re academic work is completed prior to arrival and we’re as prepared as possible. You’ll want to be diving instead of training. Teaching scuba courses while on the trip allows me to pay for my trip and have an excuse to go on these trips, please use me, I like to be used. Most of the group will let you know that I can be bribed in many ways for your next certification, dinners, gifts, you name it.

New Divers: Your training will begin with me and end with me or someone that looks similar to me. During the trip you will be accompanied by myself and dive masters as well as very experienced divers that are part of our group. We take care of our own real well. This provides a great measure of safety, security and comfort throughout the entire trip. No new diver is ever regarded as anything but a diver, everybody on the trip started just like you so don’t feel you need to keep up with anybody. There are only two kinds of divers on our trips, those with air and those without air. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a really cool sport with a solid group of really cool divers.

Available Recreational Scuba Courses:

  • PADI Scuba Diver – (requires no academic work – but you must always dive with a professional scuba diver, dive master or up
  • Open Water Scuba Diver – Full scuba certification
  • Advanced Open Water – very little academic work – everything is performed and verified while we dive in the ocean, requires 5 instructor verified dives
  • Rescue Diver – This one requires a little more than some coaching, there’s book work, video and hard work needed to earn my name on the back of this card. I’ll be God Damned if I let this one fall short of anything but the real deal.
  • Nitrox Specialty – To air is human, nitrox divine, also known as geezer gas and it works great for so many reasons. All training for this one can be done in your living room right now
  • Specialty Courses – All specialty courses require 5 instructor verified and logged dives in the specialty of your choice
  • Specialties: Deep Diver – Night Diver – Navigation Diver – Wreck Diver – Naturalist Diver – Dry Suit Diver – DPV(scooters underwater) Diver – Photography Diver – Boat Diver
  • Master Scuba Diver: The highest recreational scuba certification available, this requires 5 specialty certification
  • Dive Master – This is a professional level of certification and requires a higher degree of training necessitating an investment of more time and money

I’ll see you on the bottom,

Dwayne Reyes
PADI MSDT #179841
Dive to Survive Scuba
PO Box 2031

Salinas, Ca 93902-2031
Phone: 831-905-9574
Fax: 831-757-014