The Most Amazing Ocean Animals Only Scuba Divers Can See

the-most-amazing-ocean-animals-only-scuba-divers-can-seeThe best part about scuba diving in Monterey, California, is that you get to enjoy an entirely different world at the bottom of the ocean.

In this article, we take you around the world to see the most amazing ocean animals you can see once you’ve gotten PADI Scuba Certification.

Let’s get started!

  • Whale Sharks
    Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea and can be found in places like Isla Contoy, Mexico. Their favorite meal is plankton, which they hunt for in large numbers. Divers spend their entire lives hoping to get at least one encounter with these gentle giants.
  • Variable Neon Slugs
    This colorful fella is also called a sea slug or nudibranch and can grow to 4 inches long (which is large for most nudibranchs). Some may stay as small as your pinky nail. Neon slugs are prized by underwater photographers because of their often extraordinary colors and striking forms.
  • Pygmy Seahorse
    Pygmy seahorses measure less than 1 inch long and live exclusively in fan corals, where they can camouflage their appearance. This tiny species of seahorse was discovered by scientists in 1969 after they collected gorgonian corals and mistook these little creatures for corals.
  • Manta Rays
    Just like whale sharks, manta rays are filter feeders that prey on large quantities of plankton. Mantas are an amazing encounter because of their majestic, acrobatic nature.
  • Professional Scuba Training
    Can’t wait to see these amazing ocean animals in their natural habitats? Join our dive training program here at Dive To Survive Scuba and get to spend time with your favorite sea creatures.

For more details about scuba training in California, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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