Tips to Mentally Prepare for A Dive

Tips to Mentally Prepare for A Dive

Being surrounded by an alien-like environment can be scary for some people, but is a normal part of scuba diving in Monterey, California. Besides your equipment, skills, and knowledge taught to you by your instructors here at Dive To Survive Scuba , the most important tool that will help you make the most of your experience in scuba diving is your mental conditioning.

Your mental condition determines your performance in any recreational activity, be it an indoor one like chess and checkers, or a more physically demanding sport like scuba diving and soccer.

We have asked the instructors in our Scuba Diving Training Center for some tips on improving one’s mental condition before a dive. Take a look:

  • Hone your skills.
    Getting premium Scuba Training in California is not enough. You have to work hard in honing your self-rescue skills to the point that they become instinct and not something you have to take time thinking about.
  • Get used to the water.
    Not just through diving, although that’s encouraged, spice things up by trying other water sports too.
  • Work on your fitness.
    This is more than just being physically fit. You must work on your mental fitness as well.
  • Breathe correctly.
    Practice the breathing techniques taught to you during your PADI Scuba Certification. This will help calm your nerves, clear your mind, even make your oxygen reserve last longer!

If you have questions, concerns, or looking for more tips, give us a call. Dial 831-905-9574.

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