Tips to Save Air While Diving

Tips to Save Air While Diving

If you notice you breathe your tank down much quicker than your buddy when scuba diving in Monterey, California, you may have to learn how to conserve oxygen to lengthen your bottom time. Here are ways to do that:

  • Fix the small leaks
    An example of a leak is a mask that doesn’t seal and so you will have to blow air into it every time to clear the water. Scuba training in California points out that even a little stream of bubble water from an inflator swivel or 0-ring can already lead to serious trouble later on.
  • Dive more
    Diving more often allows your body to get used to the idea of diving and thus, you breathe less. Inexperienced divers on dive training tend to burn their air supply at a faster rate.
  • Stay shallow
    A lungful of 33 feet (two atmospheres) only takes twice out of your tank as much as breathing in the surface. At 99 feet (four atmospheres), it takes twice as much as at 33 feet. To avoid running out, PADI scuba certification suggests that you avoid being deeper than you have to be.
  • Swim slowly
    When you swim slowly, you use less air. This is because the energy cost of speed can exceed what you think.

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