Top Three Scuba Diving Rules

Top Three Scuba Diving Rules

Scuba training in California is becoming more and more common because of its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. Even as a beginner at swimming, you can learn how to dive with these three simple rules that you have to remember at all times.

  1. Do not hold your breath.

    Even your instructors will surely tell you this over and over again. Never hold your breath for whatever reason, like when changing depth because if you do, your lung could over-expand. You may experience pain, difficulty breathing, and unconsciousness.

  2. Do not take risks. Equalize now and then, especially when descending.

    Do not go deeper than what you can equalize comfortably. Do not risk bursting your eardrum. You may even lose your regulator if this happens because you would be so disoriented that you drown.

  3. Make stops and monitor everything, and do not forget about your console.

    Always check the depth, time, and pressure often. Make sure that you have a good air reserve. When ascending, do it slowly to avoid decompression sickness because of absorbing too much nitrogen in your body.

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