Why You Should Take Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Why You Should Take Enriched Air Nitrox Course

One of the most popular PADI scuba certification is that of enriched air nitrox diving, which may even be completed in just a few hours. Here are why you should take a course for this:

  • You breathe less nitrogen when you dive
    Using enriched air while scuba diving in Monterey, California, you breathe less nitrogen yet more oxygen, so you have the option to lengthen your diving time. Specifically, breathing more oxygen than nitrogen allows you to extend your no-stop time during dives.
  • You get longer bottom times
    Enriched air is ideal for when you are diving at shallower depths, especially when you’re yet to do scuba training in California. Typical mixes would be either 32% or 36% oxygen. For 59-foot depth, you may have a maximum no-stop limit of 56 minutes on a single dive using enriched air.
  • It propels you forward to more qualifications
    Your scuba diving training center may teach you how to plan enriched air dives using your dive computer or dive tables. It also furthers your understanding of physiology and decompression theory.
  • You get to improve your holidays
    Imagine how many more hours you can spend underwater if you intend to use your holidays for diving. Knowing how to properly use enriched air nitrox lets you do that.

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